George Thomas Studio & Gallery

Pastels by George Thomas

For the past twenty years, George has been exploring impressionism through the use of pastels. His work is vibrant, colorful, and evokes a sense of light. The painting below left, entitled The Strike. Salmon Under Water, is one of several pastels shown recently at The American Museum of Fly-Fishing in Vermont. His angling subjects range from the Bahamas and Florida Keys to New England, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

His angling scenes, catboats, and dories are also available as signed and numbered prints. He has done over 80 editions of prints based on his paintings.
Much of George's work is Marine, dealing with the sea and seashores, boating and sailing, as well as harbors, rivers, and lakes. For many years he has drawn and painted boats of many sorts. The recent pastel below, Yellow Dory is one of a series painted featuring this variety of workboat. He has also done a recent series on catboats.
The two angling pastel paintings (left and below) were done in the summer of 1999 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Both measure approximately 9 X 16 inches. At left is Floating showing fly fisherman and and shadows of salmon.
The painting to the right, entitled Sunlight on a Salmon Pool, is the second in a planned series of salmon in their underwater environment.
Two views of Nantucket harbor from Monomoy beach. The right pastel depicts the warmth of morning light; the left one conveys afternoon light. The size of each is 8.5 X 11 inches, however the image size is 7 X 10 inches.

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